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Does Bible authority matter or is man free to do as he sees fit in the Christian religion? Most have come to the conclusion today that it does not matter. The result is that there are more unheard of things going on in Christian worship today than ever before. You name it and it is being done somewhere. Every type of special service the mind can imagine (and many that you cannot) is being held. The idea is that anything we do in worship with the intent of being pleasing to God, to glorify God, is acceptable to him. I think this story is also worth telling since to me it shows how difficult it can be to find the right shoe for some people, and also how chronic injuries can sometimes be really hard to resolve. We tried traditional shoes, we tried minimal, we tried stuff in between. We tried form change (she is no longer an overstrider, in fact she may have gone to far in the other direction) and various kinds of strength work. The Hokas along with post-run lunges seems to be working for now, so we’re going to stick with it and see how things progress. I have a friend who also says overnight moisturizing is great. She swears by Nivea Soft - the lighter cream, not the heavier gloopier one. She puts a layer on after washing and before going to bed. She takes a minute to massage most of it into her feet and then puts on cotton socks. Personally I think I'd find that a bit sticky and yucky but she says the skin on the foot absorbs the cream quickly and feels comfortable. Jul 16, 2010 By Kay Uzoma Overview Photo Caption Pumice stone alternatives can leave your feet soft and silky. Photo Credit naked feet image by anna karwowska from Fotolia.comfoot conditions bunions Anytime you have had an injury where you were involved in an accident, stepped off a curb of wrong or stepped into a pothole while running, you should be aware of this possibility. Do not run if you have continued pain. If you are a runner and suspect that you may have a midfoot sprain, it is critical to get evaluated by an expert in foot and ankle care. That way you can get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Mar 01, 2010 By Cheryl Jones Photo Caption Wearing thong sandals can help prevent plantar warts. Photo Credit feet and sandals image by jimcox40 from Researchers at the University of Leeds have been studying an enzyme – called 3D – which plays a vital role in the replication of the virus behind the disease. They have found that this enzyme forms fibrous structures (or fibrils) during the replication process. What's more, they have found a molecule which can prevent these fibrils forming. e) If load is disconnected, run motor at no load long enough to be certain that no unusual conditions develop. Listen and feel for excessive noise, vibration, clicking or pounding. If present stop motor immediately, investigate the cause and correct before putting motor in service. We are all aware that the sun can damage our skin and cause premature aging. But did you know the same thing can happen to furniture that is exposed to the sun? Very few people realise that the sun’s rays can damage most materials and surfaces including wood. The radiation in sunlight can drain out the colours from a sofa or chair. Garage doors have several components which need to be check separately to ensure the smooth functions of the garage door. All the components are interlinked in one way another. So you have to perform a thorough maintenance to keep all the faults and problem away.